Thank you!  Your gift will help us to provide essential services to homeless and at-risk New Yorkers.

Urban Pathways serves as the first point of contact for New York City’s most vulnerable residents – people living on the streets, in subways, or in public areas unfit for human habitation - many of whom have histories of mental illness and/or substance abuse.

Urban Pathways engages individuals “where they are at” through our strong network of services to help individuals move into housing and minimize the likelihood of ever returning to the streets. For more than 2,500 individuals this year alone, Urban Pathways has been “the way home.”

Your gift to Urban Pathways is tax-deductible.  Urban Pathways is a 501(C)3 non-for-profit organization (Federal ID: 13-2933675).

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For more information, please contact Lillian Rountree, Director of Development and Communications at 212-726-7385 or via email to