Urban Pathways in the Media



                                                                                   March 16, 2016: Queens Gazette
                                                                                     Community Board 1 Meeting

                                                                               March 10, 2016: New York Non Profit Media
                                                                                CEO Corner: Fred Shack, Urban Pathways 

                                                                 March 9, 2016: The Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies
                                                                 #15AndFunding Coalition: We will not be used as a scapegoat

                                                                                      March 3, 2016: NY1 Inside City Hall

                                UP CEO Fred Shack joins a panel talking about lessons for nonprofits after the collapse of FEGS

February 18, 2016: New York Nonprofit Media

                                                                                         Talking About Homelessness

  February 16, 2016: Wall Street Journal 

                                                                    In a Bright Spot, Homeless Veterans get a Hand Up

February 11, 2016: Gotham Gazette

    Next Steps the State Must Make to Create and Maintain Affordable Housing

January 21, 2016: prweb
Urban Pathways Points Way for Housing Homeless

January 13, 2016: NBC New York

                                 Cuomo Unveils 145.3 Billion Budget Plan, Initiatives in Annual State of the State Address

January 4, 2016: CBS New York

                                                     City Weighs Use of Armories for Homeless, End to Cluster Housing

December 31, 2015: New York Times
Decrease in Homeless Veterans in New York Far Outpaces National Drop

December 21, 2015: CBS New York
Could More Drop-In Centers Help Solve NYC’s Homeless Problem?

December 10, 2015: Queens Chronicle
Supportive Housing Is Key

December 9, 2015: New York Nonprofit Media
Report: $15 wage floor for nonprofits will cost $250-$300 million yearly

December 6, 2015: DNA Info
Pathmark Developers Working on Building for Formerly Homeless People

November 2015: Univision

A Celebration of Home

Nov 13, 2015: Albany Business Review

Letter to the Editor: Support for $15 minimum Wage

November 17, 2015: Gotham Gazette

Council Hearing Will Amplify Calls for More Supportive Housing

January 04, 2016: Real Estate Weekly

Life-changing Moment for Veterans in the Bronx

November 5, 2015: News 12 The Bronx

Apartment Building Opens for Homeless Veterans

November 5, 2015: DNA info

New Housing for Homeless Veterans Opens in South Bronx

October 22, 2015: Gotham Gazette

A More Cost-Effective Adult Homeless Services System

October 16, 2015: DNA info

UWS Panhandling and Homelessness Complaints Reach 5-Year High, Data Show

October 2, 2015: DNA info

Transitional Homeless Shelter Planned for West 105th St

August 14, 2015: Gotham Gazette

Homeless Solutions Instead of Homeless Shaming


August 7, 2015: Fox 5 News

Urban Pathways: Changing lives, one apartment at a time


August 5, 2015: Epoch Times

Avoiding Shelters, NYC Homeless Need Alternative Support


August 3, 2015: DNA info

UWS Building for Chronically Home­less gets $13M Renovation


June 18, 2015: Queens Chronicle

Supportive Housing is Key


May 19, 2015: Gotham Gazette

Let's Note the Mayor's Budget Investment in an Instrumental Workforce


For media inquiries, please contact Nancy Olecki, Director of Development and Communications

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