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Since 1975, Urban Pathways’ (UP) mission has been to engage New York City’s most vulnerable residents – people living on the streets, in subways, or in public areas unfit for human habitation, many of whom have histories of mental illness and/or substance abuse – and provide them with “a way home”.

By consistent engagement and the utilization of a low-demand, “housing first” approach, UP staff guide clients at every step to ensure that their immediate and long-term needs are addressed so that they can move from the streets into housing which is supportive of their needs and which prepares them for further independence. 

From outreach, to drop-in center, to transitional housing (Safe Havens), to permanent housing – Urban Pathways programs are designed to provide assistance to all homeless adults, especially those who have previously tried and failed to remain in shelter or housing.


Please help us help those less fortunate.